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How to Get Your Boss to Invest in More in Search

As a mature channel, search doesn’t get as much attention as the new kids on the blogs (er, block — digital, video, social, and mobile, we’re looking at you). And we agree: Search isn’t exactly the sexiest weapon in the digital marketing arsenal. But in the battle to win at results-driven campaigns, search continues to lead. Here’s why, plus how to convince your boss to spend more on it.

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What Do Criteo Dev Leads Have in Common With Classical Musicians?

Ask any professional instrumentalist about their road to expertise, and you’ll quickly learn that they’ve spent hundreds, if not thousands of hours practicing and learning their craft inside and out. Similarly, our dev leads bring a wealth of knowledge and training from the varied experiences they’ve had in the outside world.

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How La Redoute Doubled Its CTR and Cut Its Cost-of-Sale in Half

French fashion and home goods retailer La Redoute constantly looks for new ways to increase customer acquisition and boost sales from new customers and products not previously viewed. To achieve this, La Redoute expanded its Criteo Dynamic Retargeting campaigns to include Facebook DPA.

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How to Capture More Cross-Device Sales This Ramadan

Throughout Ramadan season, consumption patterns change radically, causing big spikes in online retail and travel. We took a look at last year’s data to get insights into what we could expect to see this year. What did we notice? A growing number of consumers are shopping and booking on-the-go, across multiple devices.

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What Difference Will Omnichannel Make for Shoppers?

As retailers work harder and harder to streamline their presence across channels, the shopping experience is evolving, blurring the barrier between the digital and physical worlds. For consumers, the benefits can be summed up in four ways.

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What Ramadan Means for Retailers in 2017

Every year, retail sales soar in several regions that observe the holy month of Ramadan, including Southeast Asia, Turkey, and the Middle East. For retailers, that presents a great opportunity to take note of seasonal shopping trends.

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