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What Makes Criteo's Engine Hum? Kinetic Design

Kinetic Design, part of the powerful Criteo Engine, provides the capabilities needed to make the most engaging connection with shoppers and thus, optimizes the likelihood of a click, followed by a sale.

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How Google Shopping Can Help Retailers Bounce Back

"The past year will be remembered as one of the most challenging periods for 'brick and mortar' retailers...we are fighting like hell,” wrote Sears CEO Edward Lampert in a recent, candid company blog post. Could his prediction be true? Let’s take a look at the current state of brick-and-mortar, and what’s in store for the future.

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What Makes Criteo's Engine Hum? Product Recommendations

It’s a digital marketer’s constant dilemma: After shoppers leave your site, bringing them back to finish a purchase can be challenging. You need to deliver custom product recommendations designed to catch each shopper's attention. So how can you do it?

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5 Things Publishers Should Know About Why Header Bidding Matters

Today, we're in the midst of Programmatic 2.0 – brought on by the rise of header bidding. Used correctly, header bidding will remove the inefficiencies, clutter, and noise that have developed within programmatic advertising, particularly RTB. Here are five things publishers need to keep in mind.

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What Makes Criteo's Engine Hum? Predictive Bidding

Predictive Bidding is the part of the Criteo Engine that can place the right bid at the right moment for every combination of products and shoppers. An ace in the pocket for today's marketers, Predictive Bidding is a powerful weapon that helps optimize ad spend.

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How Pinkoi Boosted Revenue by 15% in Just 5 Months

After five years of continuous growth, Pinkoi needed a performance marketing technology partner to help them keep those new shoppers coming back, as well as establish a smarter, more informed strategy for showcasing their products.

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