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How MeUndies Tripled its Return on Ad Spend

Posted by Criteo

MeUndies, an innovative California-based online retailer that offers easy and inexpensive essential basics, recently achieved 300 percent return on ad spend since partnering with Criteo in 2014 to launch a full-funnel performance marketing campaign to convert more of its top-funnel ads. Just released, we’re excited to share their story!

For those that may not know, MeUndies is an on-trend and high quality retailer that makes underwear for men and women who appreciate convenience and quality. With free shipping in the US and Canada, MeUndies makes it easy for customers to get comfort delivered to their homes. Known for making the world’s most comfortable underwear, MeUndies knows that getting people to try something new for their basics is a challenge, but once people try MeUndies, they often turn into repeat customers.

That’s why the company’s online marketing strategy is geared towards fueling top of the sales funnel with growth, driving customer acquisition through efficient media and closing the deal with lower funnel tactics that drive conversations. To help improve its online marketing strategy and increase sales, MeUndies partnered with Criteo after being underwhelmed with previous vendors. Criteo helped the MeUndies team get up and running quickly on mid and lower funnel campaigns. What the brand has been able to achieve through effective performance marketing since then, has been nothing short of impressive.

Not only has MeUndies seen a 300 percent return on ad spend, it saw its average order value go up to 32 percent. The average cost of sale went down 67 percent. And, the average customer acquisition was cut—down by 62 percent. It’s no surprise that Criteo delivers the highest return on ad spend among MeUndies’ online advertising channels and is the company’s sole performance marketing partner.

To check out the complete client story, please click here.

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