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4 Guiding Strategies for Retailers to Cash in on the Holidays

Posted by Criteo

Retail sales for this year’s holiday season are expected to be the largest yet. This year’s figure is likely to hit $617 billion--representing a 14 percent increase compared to last year. And, of all retail sales, at least a third are expected to come from eCommerce transactions. Cross-device buying and complex attribution will make early preparation for holiday sales even more vital this year. The most successful holiday campaigns start early, so we’ve prepared a holiday planning guide, Happiest Holidays Ever, to help retailers get the most from every dollar spent this holiday season.

Here is a snapshot of your 2015 holiday readiness checklist:

  1. Get multi-screen right: The consumer’s path to purchase now involves multiple devices. In Q4, 33 percent of online retail sales in the US will take place on mobile devices, and 45 percent of those start on one device and are completed on another. As a retailer, it’s important to make sure a performing cross-device game plan is in place to attract consumers where they are shopping most.
  2. Invest in email marketing: Did you know that email retargeting delivers three to five times more volume and more than 46 percent higher open rates than the average abandoned cart program? Email retargeting brings personalized messages in real-time based on browsing history, showing only the most relevant products to consumers—a tool essential to digital marketers in 2015.
  3. Optimize your spend: This year, Cyber Monday moves to November, which means marketers need to calibrate budgets accordingly. This is not the time of year to be short on budget, or miss the mark when it comes to planning. During the holiday sales peak, consumers are more likely than average to check your competitors’ websites after they leave yours. Making sure you’re engaged with your consumers throughout the purchasing journey is critical this time of year.
  4. Adjust attribution: Attribution may differ between the holiday season and the rest of the year due to higher conversion rates, shorter buying cycles and more ad exposure, overall. Keeping a close eye on attribution and adjusting as needed will be key to avoid missing out on sales. Also, don’t forget to track offline sales. If you sell online and offline, track offline sales to get a clear picture of the channels that are driving the most revenue.

To download the complete holiday countdown and to learn about what you can do in order to engage consumers and drive sales this shopping season, please visit: www.criteo.com/resources/holidays


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