Think that size doesn't really matter in performance marketing? Think again.

It’s true that the primary requirement for any direct marketing campaign may be to generate high-quality leads at a cost brands are willing to pay.  That's why it's so important to utilize the best recommendation and bidding technologies. However, don't underestimate the benefits of scale.  The international scale and reach of your marketing partners can have a very tangible impact on your campaigns:

#1: Scale equals working smarter

For smart advertisers, volume equals efficiency. Setting up, measuring and optimizing advertising channels takes time to do right. That's why it makes sense for you to focus your efforts on those channels that bring the most sales, not just the least expensive, as not having to reconcile stats from myriads of disparate advertising vehicles saves valuable time.

#2: Scale means not only reaching the same prospects as your competitors

Thought RTB and FBX alone allow you to reach everyone on the internet? Not true. Contrary to popular belief, a non-trivial share of the online population spends most of its time online on sites that don't sell inventory on public trading places. 

That's why adding large publishers that don't sell inventory on RTB platforms is an asset to your marketing campaigns, as it allows you to address users that would otherwise remain beyond your reach. These users are very valuable, not only because they're incremental to your usual audience, but also because they're less likely to be targeted by your competitors using run-of-the-mill inventory. 

#3: Scale means running multi-country campaigns at the push of a button

If you run campaigns across multiple countries, it is vital that you don't spread your efforts over too many partners. Picking a few that adequately cover all your key markets could make the difference between launching your international campaigns easily and having to spend your weekends on the details.

At Criteo, we work hard to make sure that our scale matches our clients' ambitions. In the below infographic, you will find third-party verified numbers by comScore showing that, thanks to Criteo's direct, preferred relationships with over 9000 publishers, over a billion unique internet users across the globe saw at least one of our ads last December -- as a comparison, that's more than the audience of major websites such as Facebook or Google.com. Also, with a reach at (or above) 80 percent in most of the markets that are relevant to your campaigns, Criteo allows your performance advertising strategy to be truly global.  The ability to scale undoubtedly brings significant value by making your ad spend more efficient and your team’s life easier. And who doesn’t want increased ROI and time freed up for more strategic pursuits?

Criteo ads reach one billion unique users – comScore


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