Criteo Research Demonstrates Performance Display Ads Turn Viewers Into Clickers

Today, Criteo, a leading global technology company that specializes in performance display advertising, released research detailing how Performance Display ads deliver measurable results, turning viewers into clickers and ultimately into customers. Based upon a field study conducted in partnership with Nielsen and Mediametrie, the research explores the development of performance display advertising in recent years and how it leverages big data to reach the right audience at the right time. Advertising, marketing and brand teams will be able to utilize the data provided to learn how to better identify clickers, determine length of run time for ads to be most effective and how incremental it is to other marketing channels.

Key insights from this research include:

  • Performance Display advertising increases the effectiveness of SEO and does not overlap with SEM efforts
  • On average, searchers who click on Performance Display ads do 51% more organic search clicks and 35% more paid search clicks resulting in an increase in natural search
  • Performance Display ads show an increased intent on expensive “big ticket” products such as automobiles or real estate
  • Performance Display has a proven capacity to recruit users that paid search alone cannot address. On average across all industries, 65% of the consumers recruited through Performance Display did not click on paid search
  • Those clickers on Performance Display ads that are both older and possess a higher income are more valuable than the average Internet user

Advertisers are increasingly more willing to pay for performance not just views. Today’s online ads are conveying the right message to get their target’s attention, motivating an intended action including purchase. The full research paper can be found on the Criteo website here.