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  • More than a career ...

    Change the world of advertising.

    At Criteo, we offer a unique opportunity to help reinvent the world of digital marketing. You will contribute to and shape our innovation process to drive new ways for advertisers to attract, and sell to, online buyers.

    Think globally.

    Criteo operates in more than 40 countries with 16 offices located in many of the world’s leading business centers. You will not only be amongst a talented, international and diverse workforce, but you very well may be able to work in other countries, along other nationalities, with the chance to move your career abroad.

    Enhance your expertise.

    Because Criteo is a global organization, we value teamwork. You will learn to see the bigger picture, to work alongside team players and bring valuable new personal skills to your career. We have an excellent team and the skills Criteo allows you to build will help grow your career in an increasingly connected and global marketplace.

    More than a resumé ...

    Work hard, work smart.

    We are looking for individuals who strive for tremendous personal and team success. You accomplish big and little things with distinction. You entertain a variety of ideas. You have an open mind, can balance the strategic with the tactical, and most importantly, look out for how to solve problems efficiently and creatively.

    Lead by example.

    We want the best, and you can’t imagine settling for anything less. Criteo succeeds because we are a highly interdependent culture and those who lead by example tend to do the best here. The lifecycle of turning prospects into customers involves the entire company, including you.

    Be wise.

    We value those that are a step ahead but don’t boast about it. You understand that the world changes constantly; it is how you react to those changes that defines your success.
  • “Criteos say it better” :

    I joined Criteo in early 2011 after successful runs at Yahoo! and the Huffington Post. I chose to come here next because I've been looking for an answer to the problem of getting display ads to work for e-commerce companies for close to ten years. This company has solved one of the stickiest problems in display advertising - how to be measured, and succeed, solely on purely post-click performance. We really perform like search. We've got close to half the company's employees dedicated to the math and science of performance display, helping to basically build the system that predicts the click. Criteo is a fast-paced, innovative company that is one of the few to really grow a display ad business globally, and I'm proud to be a part of it.


    After 4 years in the web industry, I joined Criteo in 2009 as a salesman. My goal was to sign new contracts and manage my customers’ portfolio especially in the Hi-tech sector. Criteo has grown very fast and after only 2 years in the company, I had the chance to join the Marketing team as Southern Europe Marketing Manager. Criteo gave me the opportunity to apply my sales skills to a function that supports the sales team. My new job at Criteo is exciting!


    Exactly a year and a half ago, freshly graduated, with little experience in the web industry, I joined Criteo’s French Sales Team. They were very supportive and taught me everything I know today. A few months later, I was asked whether I’d like to go to London; I took the opportunity without any hesitation, and arrived in January 2011. I learnt new things every day and met daily challenges. After a while, they offered me a position as manager in the French MMS team. What an amazing opportunity! And now, here I am today, with more challenges, more energy and even more keen to learn and share with the MMS team.


    I joined Criteo in April 2009, after travelling during 3 months in Brazil. In my first two years, I was in charge of building the German publisher business from the French headquarters. I have been in charge of the Brazilian & Latin American Business Development in São Paulo for one year; it’s given me the fantastic chance to apply my professional publisher know-how in the place I always dreamt of  working in. Obrigada Criteo!


    I began working at Criteo in September 2010, as Sales Manager in charge of our  business with the French media agencies. After just a year and a half, I had the great opportunity to move far overseas: in April 2012 my mission will be to enhance our revenue in Australia. Criteo is now a worldwide company which allows me to fulfill two main goals: to have a professional experience in a foreign country and to discover a new culture.


    I joined Criteo in May 2010 as an intern in the Engine team, working on large-scale machine learning algorithms. During that time, I’ve seen my team triple in size, and many new exciting projects starting. I have now accepted the opportunity to move to Palo Alto as a software engineer, where I will be building a bridge between the French and American R&D and will continue to work on an ambitious predictive algorithm!


    I joined Criteo in May 2011 for my final year internship in the R&D Engine team, where I worked on a decision mathematics project for 6 months. The internship was very interesting especially in a stimulating and dynamic company full of growth. But I felt I needed more contact with the business side, whilst keeping a scientific touch, so Criteo gave me the opportunity to  try the Business Intelligence team. Knowing this was what I wanted to do, I applied for the job in the team, and I have been there since December 2011! Everything is possible in Criteo.


    5 years ago, with just 20 employees, I began my journey in Criteo, where we were all  encouraged to take the initiative. I took this opportunity to develop the Italian sales business from scratch. Today, Italy is part of the most dynamic country in our business and continues to grow with positive results.


    I joined Criteo in September 2008. After several years spent as a Media buyer for Pixmania, I wanted to get a different view of the online Industry. The funny thing is that I joined after testing Criteo’s offer as an advertiser so I knew this was the right move. At that time I was particularly looking for a tech company with a very strong emphasis on R&D. I started in the Sales team, then switched to an Account Management role and in October 2009 I moved to Palo Alto to be part of the team tasked with starting the US business. Now, I am based in the NY office to head the East Coast Account Management team, continuing our US successes.

    Interested? Here are a few tips !

    The hiring process

    Investing in our people is a key success factor for Criteo.
    We seek top talents to help us develop great technologies and best practices within digital marketing. Therefore, the hiring process is very selective: we want to make sure that you have a clear vision for your career and what would be expected of you at Criteo.
    You can proceed through two ways: apply directly to a job that interests you on our website or if you know someone that works in Criteo, do not hesitate to pass your CV (we have a referral system). After this step, you will be asked to pass an analytical test online with a minimum score to attain.

    If the test is favorable, there will be a telephone interview with one of the recruiters.
    This step is to understand your motivation for Criteo and the post you have applied to, get more information on you and your background, and finally, test your level of English. Everyone is required to have a bilingual level of English. Lastly, you will be asked to come in for a series of interviews at the Criteo office. Regardless of the position for which you are applying, you will go through at least 3 rounds of interviews.

    Make sure that your résumé is prepared and that you are ready for the interview.
    Your résumé is an important element to help us determine whether you will be a good fit at Criteo. Be sure to put forward your accomplishments, your educational background, work experiences and additional information you believe fits with Criteo and makes you stand apart.
    Before the interview, familiarize yourself with Criteo’s ecosystem and the display landscape. Make sure you know what interests you about the job description you are applying for and that you can demonstrate what makes you a unique candidate. We are looking to evaluate you as you are looking to evaluate us, so make sure you come with good questions!

  • Your career is waiting for you.


    Research and development

    Led by a specialized and talented team, the R&D department helps build the next generation of advertising solutions that power billions of ad impressions every month. Developers who are passionate about engineering will be challenged daily in the development and coding of Criteo’s solutions. Joining the team means concentrating on algorithm research, developing new functionalities and optimizing Criteo’s products amongst other activities. Be ready to test and see the impact of your models in real-time, reaching millions of users.

  • Serious business, happy people

    • At Criteo, there are people from literally all over the world.
      You work with accomplished professionals from different backgrounds, cultures and origins.
    • We have a spontaneous and vibrant company culture, with people that often enjoy doing things together outside of the office.
    • We understand that happiness and balance are keys to professional success.
    • We believe in team spirit.
      At Criteo, every quarter, you can vote for whomever you want within the Company, through our team award program.
    • We offer many fun experiences both inside and out of the offices as a way to build rapport and learn about each other’s interests outside of the office.
    • Great locations! Our offices are located in city centers of many of the nicest cities in the world.
  • Kickstart your career at Criteo

    • Global leader in performance display advertising
      Criteo is the global leader of the retargeting landscape; we are the only company to offer a full-service advertising solution.
    • Global career
      You will not only have the opportunity to work with a diverse and multicultural workforce, but have the prospect of moving your career abroad and working in other Criteo offices worldwide.
    • Fast moving and active career
      At Criteo, you won’t get bored! Proactive people find they move into positions of greater responsibility quickly. As our CEO JB Rudelle likes to say, “the sun never sets on Criteo.”
    • Offices/Labs
      Our labs and offices are always cheerful and pleasant to work in. We work in open space, but if you ever need some quiet time we have private spaces and resting areas at your disposal. In addition, we have world-class offices with great locations in some of the world’s nicest cities.
    • Selectivity
      We have a selective hiring process at Criteo. In this way, you know that you are working with a specialized team of professionals and that you too have a special talent that caught our attention.
    • Respectful professionals
      You will be surrounded by respectful professionals who have had interesting personal and career paths from all around the globe.
    • Visibility
      At Criteo you can expand your network and create relationships within the organization and outside the company as you are in constant contact with professionals from different divisions.
    • I am joining Criteo, a global team of people who share a common faith in the culture of collaborative innovation and entrepreneurship.
    • I agree to pay forward whatever positive benefits I receive from anyone. In particular, for every hour of help I receive, I will give an hour of help to someone else. For every risk someone takes for me, I will take risk with a different person.
    • I will give trust to others before expecting to receive trust in return. I will treat everyone fairly. I will take advantage of no one.
    • I will open myself to learning from others and I will also help nurture learning in others.
    • I understand that mistakes are acceptable ways of testing new ideas and improving each of us. I will bring people together, as none of us is as smart as all of us.
    • Every day, as everyone else, I will act as a role model for the company.
    • I will dream, lead, experiment, iterate and persist to build a better world.