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Perfectly branded ads. Optimized for every user.

Maximize your performance marketing results without compromising your brand.

Perfectly branded ads. Optimized for every user.

At Criteo, we continually drive more sales for our clients through industry-leading performance marketing. And yet, we understand that this performance cannot come at the expense of ads that do not meet your brand’s design requirements.

Effective creative must balance brand attributes with content and design optimized to engage each individual shopper – in any given publishing environment. Only Criteo can achieve this personalized, real-time ad customization for billions of people without compromising your brand.

Through Kinetic Design, Criteo Dynamic Retargeting unifies brand-inspired design and user-relevant content to achieve unmatched ad performance. 

How we do it:

  • To start, our experienced designers use your brand guidelines to establish a design framework that will be carried throughout your campaign.
  • Next, your essential brand elements are broken down into a pool of ready-to-use digital components.
  • For each ad that is served, our technology automatically selects from this digital pool the optimal components for that specific consumer and display context. 
  • Finally, the ads are rendered on the page in real-time, precisely meeting the size and layout requirements for that publisher.

The result? Polished ads on every platform tailored to each customer – and market leading performance.

Read on to learn more about how Criteo Dynamic Retargeting with Kinetic Design automatically creates powerful, personalized ads with the highest creative integrity and greatest reach.

Kinetic Design offers you:

A dedicated creative services team

A dedicated creative services team

Our collaborative team of highly experienced design professionals creates your brand-led design foundation quickly and efficiently, and then continuously monitors and optimizes your campaigns.

Unmatched reach - flexibility

Unmatched reach & flexibility

Our unique, automated ad-building technology ensures that your ads display perfectly in any layout or size. As new formats and placement opportunities arise, your ads are always ready to go — with zero delay.

Unparalleled personalized engagement

Unparalleled personalized engagement

We tailor the components and layout of every ad to match the display context and specific phase of that particular consumer’s buying journey — in real-time.

Limitless Creative Options Based on Real Data

Kinetic Design combines the best of human creativity with unparalleled data on consumer behavior and intent – derived from 60 billion ads served monthly to more than 1.2 billion people.


unique monthly internet users*

*desktop comScore MMX, January 2016, Age 15+


ads served per month




in post-click sales*

*in the 12 months preceding June 30, 2016

Criteo helps us find the right balance between ROI and branding.

David Nedzela, Co-Founder & Marketing Director at
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