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Dan Teodosiu

EVP Engineering, R&D

Dan Teodosiu joined Criteo in 2013 and is responsible for the R&D team. Before Criteo, Dan worked for Google, where he was the director of the Paris development center, and for Microsoft, as an architect in Windows and MSN. Dan previously co-founded two companies in California, the second of which was acquired by Microsoft. He attended Stanford University, where he received an MS and PhD in Computer Science.

Recent blog posts by Dan Teodosiu

The Criteo Engine Part 2: Price and Recommendation

Posted by Dan Teodosiu

Why is delivering an ad so complicated? It’s a combination of timely response and personalization. For any given ad, Criteo has less than 50 milliseconds to determine the optimal combination of factors that will induce the consumer to click, create the ad and then deliver it to the correct location; this time bound is due to the fact that most RTB platforms only take into account bids that they receive within 100ms or less, and we need to take into account the network latency as well. The result is a personalized ad delivered for the right price, to the right consumer at the right time. The power behind this process is the Criteo Engine.

The Criteo Engine Part 1: The Heart of the Engine

Posted by Dan Teodosiu

No industry has had more of an impact on business in the last few years than internet technology. Technology is responsible for a new revolution, changing the foundations upon which organizations are run. In this series of blog posts, we explore the Criteo Engine, what it means for the teams, looking at the pricing recommendation, the need for speed in data science and infrastructure, digging into what makes the Criteo difference for our clients.