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Privacy policy


What does this privacy policy cover ?


Criteo takes your privacy very seriously. This privacy policy governs and details the main privacy principles we apply to the data we collect through our services. 

To access our privacy policy governing our corporate website only please click here.

To see the fulltext of the Privacy policy please click here.

About Criteo’s services 


Criteo specializes in creating personalized advertisements. We work with online partners to build advertisements for users who visit their website or mobile applications and with publishers to display personalized advertisements. 


Our aim is to deliver advertisements by displaying products and/or personalized banners that you might be interested in, based on your recent browsing behavior. For example, if you visit and browse on Website/mobile application A, on a subsequent online visit to Website/mobile application B, you will see ads personalized by your browsing history on Website/mobile application A. 

With our service, you should receive personalized ads that are more relevant for you than the standard advertising you would receive without Criteo. Click here for more information on Interest Based Advertising.

Data collection and use

We do not know who you are. We collect and use anonymous data relating to your browsing navigation to display personalized advertisements.
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User choices

If you do not want to receive ads displayed by Criteo, you can disable the display of Criteo ads here.
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Our Technology

We collect information via anonymous cookies placed on your browser.
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Data security and retention

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Criteo Commitments to transparency and control

Criteo is an early adopter to initiatives of greater transparency and control for users.
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