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Criteo for Publishers

Our ability to drive outstanding ROI for advertisers is underpinned by an exceptionally large number of preferential relationships with publishers. Publishers of all sizes work with Criteo because we’re able to offer high CPMs with highly relevant ads which are built directly from over 8,000+ advertisers. 

This is why we stand out:

  • 740bn+ ads served in 2014
  • 9,250+ advertisers across 86 countries 
  • 1.1bn unique users globally on the desktop (comScore MMX, June 2015, Age 15+)
  • $19bn in post-click sales in the 12 months preceding September 30, 2015

Criteo fact:


advertisers across 86 countries

The Criteo Publisher Marketplace

The Criteo Publisher Marketplace is a self-service platform aimed at publishers of all sizes. We currently work with more than 11,000 publishers across the globe, monetizing 20%-40% of their traffic at CPMs significantly higher than our competitors. Our global advertiser reach enables us to help you monetize your inventory all over the world quickly and easily.

Our Marketplace operates with a dynamic pricing model where the CPMs we pay our publishers are based on how well our ads perform for our advertisers. A floor price CPM is also in place on all tags which means our buying CPM rate is always guaranteed.

Anything we can’t monetize for publishers at the floor price is passed back to publishers for them to monetize with another advertising provider.

Through our direct advertiser relationships and, superior technology, we’re able to drive incremental revenue for all publishers within the Criteo Publisher Marketplace.

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Some of our 9,250+ advertisers

Why Criteo


We only measure post-click sales.

230 Tb

The Criteo Engine analyzes 230Tb of data every day.


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Post-click sales in year ending September 30, 2015