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A Portrait of Mobile Performance: Measuring Pleasure in UK Mobile Shopping

New report explores the core motivations behind mobile shopping, giving retailers insight on how to deliver enjoyable, personalized experiences that drive performance.

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Mobile phones’ portable, personal nature means that they are not just functional gadgets; they are emotional, cultural objects, with significant personal value. Success in this mobile-first, multi-screen world is dependent on being able to understand individuals’ shopping behavior across devices and the different motivations that drive it. To provide further insight on this, ICM interviewed 2,023 UK consumers to find out their preferences and turn-offs when it comes to mobile shopping.

In this exclusive report, you will learn:

  • Who is buying on mobile in the UK in 2016, and what they’re buying
  • Where most mobile purchases are taking place
  • How social media influences mobile buying behavior
  • Why a people-centric approach is central for driving mobile performance
  • How to deliver the contextual, relevant mobile experiences that maximize conversions
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