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Report: 2016 Browsing & Buying Behavior by Category

Go inside the mind of the online shopper with this detailed analysis of consumer browsing and buying behavior based on an in-depth survey.

With ecommerce growing at five times the rate of offline retail in 2016 Q1 alone, it’s never been more crucial for retailers to have as much information as possible about consumers and how they shop different product categories online.

This report uses cross-site browsing and transaction data from the Criteo retailer network — which tracks more than 90 billion product searches and $125 billion in online transactions annually — as well as survey insights from 600 active online shoppers to give retailers an exceptionally detailed picture of online shopping behavior, from initial searches and casual browsing to checkout and return visits.

In this report, you will learn:

  • Where consumers’ online shopping searches begin, how they browse and compare products within and across different retailers, and how to attract and win a cross-site browser’s sale in a multi-tab world
  • The delicate fluctuations of the purchase decision cycle over time and from category to category
  • Which categories attract the most and least impulse shopping, and the effects of promotions and reviews on shoppers’ decision to purchase
  • How retailers’ mobile shopping experience can affect both in-store and virtual transactions