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Consumer Electronics: The Leap Year in Online Shopping

Criteo examined critical shopping data to shed light on purchase cycles and emerging trends in Consumer Electronics ecommerce.

While the Top 25 searched Consumer Electronics categories of 2016 showed a mix of classic and innovative technologies, the real story was last year’s explosive growth in affordability and distribution. We delve into what this means for 2017, as ecommerce and Consumer Electronics continue to fuel each other’s growth.

 In this report, you will learn:

  • How to increase product visibility by creating an online version of an in-store display
  • Why native ads on mobile are key to consistency in the shopping experience
  • Which holdovers from the in-store experience are still vital—and which are becoming obsolete
  • Why retargeting is the most effective tool to move a product from cart to checkout
  • What lengthy consumer research means for your campaign structure
  • How to simplify the search process with better navigation and information—and simultaneously boost rankings