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eGrocery Report: Of Clicks, Bricks and Broccoli

A comprehensive, data-driven look at how CPG and brand marketers can successfully navigate the nuances and challenges of eGrocery.

There have been many paradigm shifts in grocery shopping behavior in the past, but none more exciting—or exacting—than the relatively recent shift from brick-and-mortar to eGrocery. As the only CPG area expected to grow in sales, eGrocery represents the last frontier in eCommerce and poses a unique challenge to marketers. In order to capture consumer clicks, brands and retailers must evolve their practices.

This report uses current market research in combination with Criteo surveys and data to provide insight on the future of eGrocery and how marketers can successfully bag this category.

In this report, you will learn:

  • The demographics and buying patterns of the consumers steering the eGrocery cart
  • Which products are most frequently searched, viewed and purchased
  • How mobile shopping is changing the landscape of ecommerce
  • Why historically successful grocery promotions don’t work digitally and what will
  • How brand loyalty affects online shopping behavior
  • The effect of paid search and sponsored products
  • How to successfully address the challenges of attribution and measurement