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Criteo Digital Commerce & Marketing Outlook 2017

A look at the year ahead in changing customer behaviors, fresh competition tips, and data-backed trends in global online retail.

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After a strong 2016, we predict that digital commerce will expand and evolve faster than ever in the coming year. Look for significant shifts in the digital commerce and marketing landscape — and let this report be your guide.

Aggregating Criteo data from billions of online transactions from thousands of advertisers and publishers, we have uncovered where shoppers are headed, and which trends to capitalize on as the market continues to innovate and thrive in 2017.

In this report, you will learn:

● How best to capitalize on shoppers’ increasing willingness to make bigger purchases on mobile browsers and apps

● Why discovery via Google Shopping will be a central target this year, and what that means for your marketing plan overall

● What the latest developments in video ad technology will do to personalize your shoppers’ marketing experience

● Why pooling assets with the right retailers can help you effectively compete with mega-platforms like Amazon and Facebook

● Why concrete ROI data will be retailers’ best asset when working with manufacturers

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