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Criteo Report: The State of Cross-Device Commerce - UK

With device-centric analytics quickly becoming inefficient & obsolete, this report—formerly known as our State of Mobile Commerce—is required reading.

Now that cross-device transactions account for over 30% of online purchases, shifting from device-centric to user-centric analytics has become a critical step for ecommerce retailers.

This report on trends in U.S. and international shoppers’ cross-device habits—using data from 3,300 online retail businesses worldwide, encompassing over 1.7 billion annual transactions and $720 billion in sales—is designed to help you get ahead in this rapidly changing and competitive reality.

 In this comprehensive report, you will learn:

  • Why “browse smartphone, buy desktop” is a dead model
  • Strategies for retailers to achieve more add-to-basket conversions
  • Which country just surpassed Japan to take the top spot in mobile share of transactions, and which countries made big YOY leaps
  • How the UK compares to other countries in mobile conversion rate and mobile share of ecommerce transactions
  • Why identifying and understanding cross-device behaviour is the key to personalised marketing and connecting offline and online data
  • And much more