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eTail Report: Mid-Year E-commerce Outlook

Find out where Criteo and eTail think marketers should invest in 2016 after analyzing survey data of decision-makers at top retailers.

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eTail Report: Mid-Year E-commerce Outlook - How Brands See Success with Mobile, Social, and Site Optimization

Illuminating the mobile tools required for omnichannel retailers to create a seamless purchase experience for customers.

The rising importance of the mobile device as the lynchpin in the omnichannel purchase journey begs the question: where should marketing dollars be spent in 2016? Large retailers are tasked with engaging consumers, creating brand loyalty and driving measurable ROI. Let Criteo and eTail share what they gleaned from the data in this mid-year report.

In this comprehensive report, you'll learn:

  • Cutting-edge mobile marketing opportunities for improving customer loyalty
  • Why there is a growing need for robust attribution models to ensure that marketers can justify their investments
  • How brands are better activating social media as an engagement and revenue driver
  • About the urgent demand for omnichannel purchase data and personalization in 2016 to connect offline and online buying paths
  • How the formation of a 360-degree customer view creates new engagement opportunities
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