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Forrester Report: The New Normal

Performance advertising has reached a tipping point. Find out why in this exclusive Forrester report exploring the current state and future trends of personalized, performance-based marketing.

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Forrester's The New Normal: Performance Advertising Drives Effectiveness

In September 2015, Criteo commissioned Forrester to conduct in-depth surveys with 152 marketing decision makers and found that those utilizing advanced retargeting programs are significantly more likely to say that their advertising has become more effective over the last 2 years.

Key findings from the January 2016 report include:

  • Performance advertising is the new normal. Nearly half of surveyed marketers reported engaging in at least basic retargeting advertising programs, and over half of these marketers have started to focus efforts on personalized advertising specifically.
  • Better ROI and market pressures are driving performance advertising adoption. Over half of enhanced retargeting marketers said they were driven to pursue these capabilities because their customers expect personalized advertisements.
  • Marketers who don’t adopt advanced personalization capabilities are in danger of being left behind. Fifty-nine percent of survey respondents said they will invest in technology to deliver retargeting campaigns across devices in the next two years.
  • Performance advertising is a competitive differentiator today; it will be table stakes tomorrow. Consumer expectations demand brands reach their customers with the most relevant advertising content possible.
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