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Holiday E-commerce Trends Report: Outlook for 2017

Charting the biggest—and most unexpected—winners and shopper trends from the 2016 holiday e-commerce shopping season, and what’s next for brands and online retailers in 2017.

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2016 was an unusually exciting year for brands and retailers. Many brands experimented with showroom-style physical stores; others doubled down on the human elements of their businesses to successfully compete with Amazon. At the same time, consumers were more engaged than ever with both in-person and online shopping, with 22.8% more shoppers overall and 14.4% more purchasers YOY.

This report provides brands and retailers with some of the most unexpected statistics and trends from the 2016 holiday shopping season, as well as recommendations from our experts on how best to adapt in the new year.

 In this report, you will learn:

  • How Cyber Monday has been impacted by early bird promotions
  • Which anticipated best-selling products fell short this holiday season, and which were unlikely hits in shoppers’ online searches
  • How cart volume and value fluctuated in the days before and after Christmas
  • Which consumer spending categories are expected to see huge growth in 2017
  • The new “three waves of holiday e-commerce” and how retailers can best maximize sales for each in 2017
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