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Mobile Commerce Report

State of Mobile Commerce Report

Q4 2015: Leaders Widen the Gap


Key takeaways

Criteo’s analysis of shopping data from Q4 2015 demonstrates that mobile leaders grew their share of transactions faster than average in a world where mobile devices are at the center of the connected consumer.

  • Top retailers see double the growth in mobile’s share of transactions, widening the gap with average retailers in the space.
  • Nearly four-in-ten transactions occurred on multiple devices and were completed on a mobile device almost a third of the time.
  • Dedicated shopping apps dwarf the mobile web at all points on the path to purchase, from browsing products to the sale itself.
  • Japan, UK and South Korea continue to lead the globe in mobile transactions, and smartphones are driving that growth.

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Nearly 40 percent of transactions occurred across multiple devices or channels in Q4 2015. Tweet This tweet this

Shoppers using mobile apps browsed 286 percent more products than mobile web shoppers.Tweet This tweet this

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Report author

Jonathan Wolf, Chief Product Officer

Jonathan is responsible for Criteo's product. He joined Criteo in early 2009 as Chief Buying Officer, where he built the publisher facing business and ran the buy-side product. Before Criteo, Jonathan worked at Yahoo, where his last role was overseeing the restructuring and then ultimately the sale of Kelkoo, Europe's leading price comparison business. Jonathan previously worked at Atlas Venture and Boston Consulting Group. He attended Oxford University, where he received the Gibbs prize for Physics, and Harvard.


Previous reports

Q3 2015: Mobile dominates the path to purchase

Top highlights:

  • Mobile is becoming the preferred purchase device for cross device shoppers
  • Apps can be your highest performing channel
  • Smartphones are the key for top quartile retailers

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Q2 2015: Apps and cross device lead mobile business

Top highlights:

  • U.S. mobile transactions cross 30% share
  • Retailers who optimize their mobile sites generate many more mobile transactions than those who don’t
  • Apps generated almost 50% of mobile transactions for retailers who have made their app experience a priority

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Q1 2015: Mobile is now growing like a weed

Top highlights:

  • US Mobile transactions grew 10% in the last 3 months.
  • In most countries including the US, smartphones now represent more mobile transactions than tablets.
  • For the first time in Q1 2015, Japan and South Korea saw over 50% of their eCommerce transactions via mobile.

Download the Q1 slides


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