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Ovum Report: Future of E-commerce - The Road to 2026

In this exclusive report, Ovum outlines its predictions for the next 10 years of e-commerce. An instrumental read for retailers that rely on digital and mobile.

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No one can see into the future, and yet by closely observing and analyzing the technological advancements affecting the retail industry, Ovum has come up with an informed set of predictions as to what the next 10 years of e-commerce will bring—some of which will genuinely surprise you, all of which you will want to prepare for in order to stay ahead of the curve.

In this exclusive report, you will learn:

  • Which technologies are simply hype and which are the game-changers
  • What will be the major retail battlegrounds of the future
  • Why drones and driverless cars might not be as widespread as you think, but Uber-style delivery and ‘click and connect’ will be
  • What does a 360 degree contextual view of consumers look like, and what role wearables, medical appliances and connected cars will play in creating that
  • Why digital assistants like Siri, Cortana and Google are merely scratching the surface of artificial intelligence’s influence on retail
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