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Performance Marketing in Asia-Pac: How Local Retailers Are Rising to Meet the Digital Boom

WBR Digital and Criteo analyze the impact performance marketing and big data are having on the unusually fast-growing Asia-Pac market.

With regional internet engagement and per capita GDP on the rise, there’s never been a better time to be a digital retailer in the Asia-Pac region. But while opportunities in multi-platform e-commerce are multiplying quickly, it’s also crucial to recognize and prepare for the challenges that come with such a boom in marketing resources and information.

In this essential report, generated from data provided by more than 400 retailers across Australia, New Zealand, India and South East Asia; and analyzed by both WBR Digital and Criteo, you’ll learn:

  • Online advertising and marketing priorities for marketers in the Asia Pacific region
  • How to combat the challenges presented by large amounts of market and consumer data
  • The top issues facing digital marketers wishing to run personalized campaigns
  • Which marketing channels will see the biggest growth in the next 12–18 months