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Building Privacy-by-Design at Criteo

Our industry-leading approach to consumer privacy guides every product and feature we develop. This report details one of our core business principles – proactively protecting consumer privacy.

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Giving consumers transparency and control is good for every participant in the digital marketplace.

When brands choose Criteo to drive sales for their businesses, we know they are entrusting us to protect and treat their information with respect. It is our job to provide relevant ads that enhance the online experience while providing consumers with transparency and control over the ads they receive.

"The NAI commends Criteo's commitment to solving the cross-device challenge in a way that respects and protects consumer privacy." - Leigh M. Freund, President and CEO of NAI

In this paper, learn about the core components of our approach to consumer privacy and how we’ve shaped the industry, including:

  • A culture that safeguards consumer privacy as an integral part of product development
  • How our recent feature release, Universal Match, which allows marketers to deliver a cohesive experience across devices, was designed so that no identifying personal information ever needs to be stored by us
  • The many firsts we’ve established that have become standards for the industry
  • How we use the policies and infrastructures of the most privacy conscious European countries to inform strategy in markets with developing PII standards and definitions
"Criteo has gone the extra mile to make sure its technology supports choices that make sense to consumers." - Jules Polonestsky, CEO of Future of Privacy Forum
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