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Holiday Trends Report 2016: Looking Ahead to the Golden Quarter

This report from 1,000 UK shoppers and expert retail analysts will keep you on top of a seemingly uncertain retail landscape this holiday season.

Maintaining customer loyalty via a seamless, multichannel shopping experience

With an ever-evolving technological landscape, retailers looking to keep pace with an increasingly mobile, informed consumer this holiday season will need to stay nimble, resilient and innovative. This report, comprised of expert analysis from retail and marketing research firms and survey data from 1,000 UK shoppers, will give you the insight you need to ensure your holiday e-storefront thrives better than ever this year.

In this report, you will learn:

  • How Brexit will affect holiday spending this year
  • The role of multichannel shopping and how to best integrate tech into your holiday retail strategy
  • When and how the new “informed, highly connected, and discerning” consumer chooses to buy during the holiday shopping season (including the impact of Black Friday promotions, social media, and more)