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Retail Week and Criteo Report: Innovation in Retail

Retail Week and Criteo have collaborated to report on innovation in the retail industry and how new purchasing habits are forcing retailers to take a more people-focused approach to marketing.

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Retail Week & Criteo: Innovation in Retail

Separating the genuinely innovative from the simply new products and services.

The retail sector is in a perpetual state of change, which can make it hard to distinguish the factors driving innovation. What is real innovation in retail? Find out from the industry’s leading creative minds in this new report from Retail Week and Criteo. 

This report covers:

  • How the need to grow sales, better serve the customer and maintain a competitive advantage have driven game-changing innovations 
  • The role start-ups play in driving innovation across the sector
  • How disruptive technologies like 3D printing, facial recognition, airborne drones and sentiment analysis are being used
  • The “Big Three” areas in the retail industry that are driving the most innovation
  • And much more…
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