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Apps are more essential for consumers than ever before. This survey reveals how consumers rely on apps across devices to improve their shopping experience.

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Consumers today are downloading and interacting with apps more than ever, 95% of consumers have apps on their phones and tablets and over 40% have used those apps to make a purchase recently. This latest report surveys 2,000 consumers to find out how they interact with apps across devices and what retailers are doing with their mobile app strategy.

Following are some of the key findings from the consumer based research and in-depth interviews with key UK retailers:

  • 95% of survey respondents have apps on their phones and tablets and 41% of those have used an app to make a purchase.
  • 60% of survey respondents said that they mainly use apps to browse for products and almost 50% consider apps to be very important for purchasing products
  • Over 55% of respondents confirmed having at least one retailer app on their smartphone and 43% had at least one on their tablet

Download the full report for more insights on how to drive sales and build customer loyalty and uncover the value of mobile apps.

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