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Skift Trends Report – Cross-Device Tracking: Hyperbole Vs. Reality

This Criteo and Skift report contains all you need to know about cross-device: how it works, how it’s evolving, and tips on preparing a long-term strategy for travel marketers.

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Travelers are moving quickly. They browse on multiple devices, hop from app to app, and expect a personalized booking experience on all of them. It’s time to implement a cross-device strategy, ASAP.

This special report is your guide to developing the best cross-device tracking strategy the travel and hospitality market has to offer. Compiled by travel intelligence company Skift, featuring real case studies and commentary from major players like Hyatt and Hotwire, and upgraded with Criteo’s first-class analysis and forecasts, it makes sense of the biggest technical and economic hurdles to gathering actionable information on customers, and outlines specific tips on how merchants will be able to surmount them in the foreseeable future.

In this report, you will learn:

  • Why cross-device targeting is the biggest challenge—but also potentially the biggest goldmine—on the horizon for performance marketing
  • How customer expectations, data organization and mobilization, and evolving merger dynamics are changing travel and hospitality — and how a strong cross-device strategy can keep you competitive in light of these shifts
  • A breakdown of the basic mechanics of a successful cross-device targeting program, plus expert-recommended tips on preparing your strategy for the future of cross-device tracking, whatever form it may take
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