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Travel Flash Report

The share of mobile travel bookings continues to grow, as does the opportunity for marketers. Tap into more than 1 billion bookings in the Travel Flash Report.

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Find out how the online travel industry can better leverage the mobile opportunity

Since 2014, Criteo has analyzed more than 1 billion bookings generated by hundreds of travel suppliers and online travel agencies worldwide - making us a central source of the trends happening now in all travel subcategories and regions.  

In summary, you will find:

  • Share of mobile bookings is growing across all markets and for all travel subcategories
  • In-app tracking and advertising are now compulsory for travel advertisers
  • Travelers choose the device they use for booking, depending on many factors
  • Bookings are often inaccurately measured because they involve multiple devices to complete
  • OTAs differentiate from suppliers in terms of mobile adoption
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