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Travel Flash Report 2016: It's Going to be a Mobile Summer

Criteo examines several million online bookings across devices every day to bring you the only travel-focused report vast enough in scope to accurately assess growing trends in travelers’ behavior.

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Highlighting key advertising opportunities—and missed opportunities—in the online travel industry.

Do you know which devices are most likely to be used in last-minute bookings? Or which countries have the highest share of mobile bookings? We do, and are here to help. Travelers’ paths to booking are becoming increasingly complicated, so we've carefully analyzed the aggregate data to help explain what they want and expect.

In this report, you'll learn:

  • How to understand purchaser intent and “talk” to travelers at critical purchasing moments
  • Which aspects of the mobile experience accelerate the booking process
  • Why suppliers are lagging behind online travel agencies in hotel bookings
  • How to optimize mobile ads for accurate cross-device matching
  • The power of mobile engagement in last-minute and in-trip travel purchases
  • And more...
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