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From Theory to Practice: A Roadmap to “Omnichannel” Activation

Winterberry Group reveals how to unlock the potential of omnichannel marketing and make it a reality for your organization.

Omnichannel marketing has been a buzzword, a goal, a mindset for decades. Yet, according to this new survey of 100 executive-level thought leaders across the advertising, marketing, media and technology industries, only 6.7% are fully satisfied with their ability to recognize audience attributes from one channel and leverage across all other touchpoints.

In this white paper, developed by Winterberry Group in partnership with DMA and through the sponsorship of Acxiom Corporation, Criteo and SG360, you’ll learn:

  •  How the email channel has emerged in the critical role of “bridge” between various omnichannel initiatives, uniquely able to support customer retention, engagement, up-selling and cross-selling
  • Why the lack of consistent customer recognition across channels and devices inhibits marketers’ ability to execute on collected insights —a  requirement of true omnichannel marketing
  • How marketers are successfully deploying complex omnichannel strategies, and predictions for the next frontier of omnichannel marketing