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BMW X-Drive

BMW X used extremely targeted acquisition to deliver a +34% uplift in test drives, all from users who had not previously visited their website.

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Users more likely to visit OEM site


Users that visited automotive sites


Number of test drives

This approach helps expose on-target web users and generates a large share of incremental leads.


BMW is part of the “German Big 3” luxury automakers. Every winter, the advertiser promotes the “X-Drive” technology, a cutting edge four-wheel drive solution. In 2013, BMW wanted to expand its marketing strategy to web users beyond retargeting, with a proven cost per lead . The X-Drive campaign was tracked with comScore vCE solutions to make sure Criteo exposed on-target prospects. 


Criteo’s ability to expand the retargeting campaigns specifically to new users, on a pure CPC basis, was the perfect solution for addressing BMW’s acquisition targets.  Criteo real-time optimization solutions helped expose true new prospects, while generating a significant number of incremental leads (leads were validated online test drives).


The campaign was delivered towards on-target web users and delivered a strong added value to retargeting.

  • Exposed users were skewed towards internet users earning more than 55K€ a year (+27%).
  • They were twice as likely to visit OEM automotive sites than average Internet users (26% vs. 12%).
  • 62% of exposed users visited automotive websites (including OEM).
  • The acquisition campaign generated a 34% uplift in test drives from users who did not visit BMW’s website.
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