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By understanding which Freemium users would upgrade to paid, Deezer increased subscriptions by 100% and CTR on in-app banners by 203%.

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In-app conversion rate v. desktop


Incremental subscriptions


Click-thru rate


Deezer invested significantly in mobile download campaigns as a way to acquire users for their freemium service.  But they found that not enough of the users who downloaded their service were converting to subscription users.  Additionally, users who downloaded the app would often become inactive after a few months or weeks.  Deezer needed a way to engage and convert freemium users to their Premium+ service.


Criteo enabled Deezer to run in-app ad campaigns for their key segments: dormant and active users. This is done by uniquely identifying users on their mobile devices and building a profile that tracks their events.


  • 100% CR in-app vs desktop
  • 96% incremental subscriptions from in-app campaign
  • 203% CTR on in-app banners
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