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Gruppo MOL

When Gruppo MOL launched a new site, they partnered with Criteo to raise awareness with users on any device, doubling their CTR and surpassing ROI goals.


Cost per order (CPO)


Click-through rate (CTR)


Gruppo MOL is a network of sites that allow consumers to compare insurance rates, mortgage options and loan offers from multiple banks and financial institutions. When the company launched another site, segugio.it in 2012, they wanted to optimize brand awareness and develop the most efficient ad-buying strategies possible.


Using Criteo’s Dynamic Retargeting and its Universal Match feature, Gruppo MOL attracted potential customers across all devices – not just the ones on which they’ve visited Gruppo MOL sites – and converted them with banners ads optimized for each moment and individual.


By combining Criteo’s unique cross-device capabilities with their own deep knowledge of their target market, Gruppo MutuiOnline was able to:

  • Decrease Segugio.it’s CPO by 10%
  • Double their click-through rate (CTR)
  • Apply the same solutions to another Gruppo MOL property, PrestitiOnline.it, with similar results

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