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Hasbro turned to Criteo for help with a complex inventory & quickly shifting priorities. Their partnership yielded 63 million impressions and a 1100% ROAS.

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63 million



As a major player in the highly competitive toys and games industry, Hasbro’s diverse, complex product portfolio needed an unusually bold, flexible approach to driving measurable returns. They looked to Criteo to help them develop adaptive, easily adjustable campaigns for their high portfolio expectations and wide variety of promotional activity.


Hasbro and the Criteo team met regularly to discuss optimization and real-time performance expectations, updating the robust campaigns they designed whenever market conditions and business demands shifted over time, especially as the holiday shopping season approached.

The In-market Bid Multiplier controls (now a feature of Criteo Sponsored Products), which allow advertisers to adjust bids by Shopper Target and Placement Type, were critical to Hasbro’s overall success. Bid Multipliers were used for Search vs. Browse and Mobile vs. Desktop, depending on the immediate need. As early campaign results became available, that data was incorporated into the plan, as well.


While increased spending does not always correlate with improved return rates, especially over the holiday shopping season, Hasbro saw:

  • Its Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) reach 1,100% (with Nerf and FurReal Friends products achieving ROAS of 1,700-1,800% in Q4)
  • 63 million more impressions
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