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Infinity TV incorporated Criteo’s Dynamic Retargeting with cross-device understanding to drive a 5% increase in conversion rates for trial to paid users.


Click-through rate (CTR)


Free to Paid User Conversion Rate


Italy’s first over-the-top (OTT) streaming service, Infinity TV, utilizes a “no commitment” model, so they must gain the loyalty of their customers each month. They had been successful at raising awareness of their platform, but now they needed to translate that awareness into meaningful increases in paid subscribers.


Criteo launched a comprehensive retargeting campaign to educate and engage consumers in their micro-moments—time spent on their devices while commuting, answering a text, checking social media, upon arriving home—when they’re most open to making purchase decisions.


By implementing Criteo’s Universal Match technology, which creates a single view of users across their multiple devices, Infinity TV was able to:

  • Increase click-through rate by 60%
  • Drive conversion rates up 5% from trial to paid user, driving significant revenue gains
“Thanks to Criteo, we serve the best advertising to the right customer at the perfect time.” 

-Marco Binda, Sales and Marketing Director, Infinity-Mediaset Group

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