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Footwear company Rockport was hesitant to upend their segmentation model, but in a trial of Criteo Engine Optimized Segments, they boosted ROAS nearly 5X.

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At nearly a half century in business, footwear company Rockport was looking to improve their online sales performance, but were hesitant to upend their current user segmentation model. 


In an initial three-week test period, Rockport implemented Criteo Engine Optimized Segments (EOS) with the conditional goal of achieving 350% or more in ROAS. With Criteo, they reorganized their user segments into one pool, which allowed EOS to set bids more efficiently and on a user-by-user basis, which allowed Rockport to spend less on users less likely to purchase and set bids higher on more valuable customers.


Over the three-week test period, Rockport saw consistent revenue growth. Their website’s impressions increased by 44%, and the company’s ROAS increased by 477%, more than 120% over than their initial goal of 350%.

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