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Schibsted Classified Media (SCM)

Adding Criteo performance display ads to SCM’s global online marketplaces grew their list of advertisers, ad replies, and CTR across 30 markets.


Click-thru rate


Ad replies

Listing and advertisers


Despite SCM’s impressive, rapid growth over the last few years, they wanted to further increase ad replies and on-site advertisers, as well as CTR. Doing this in a global environment among varying market conditions and cultural differences is not easy. 


While focusing on high-quality service, Criteo addressed SCM’s unique needs as a global service provider, and developed a very effective partnership while meeting objectives along the way. 


  • Click-through rate (CTR) reached 2%, clearly above industry standard.
  • SCM saw a 20% increase in ad replies.
  • Listings and advertisers grew significantly.

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