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Since 2011, ShoeMall has met or exceeded its Criteo led ROI goals each quarter, often driving sales on products never before seen by shoppers.

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Criteo’s product recommendation engine, CPC pricing drives search-like performance for ShoeMall.


ShoeMall considers its target audience to be professional women with relatively high household incomes. Recently, in order to place messaging in front of their preferred audience, ShoeMall has used a combination of search marketing, comparison shopping engines, email marketing and other display vendors. Over the last year, Dayne Shuda, eCommerce Marketing Manager for ShoeMall’s parent, Mason Companies, noticed that “sales activity due to their display advertising efforts ramped up considerably.” ShoeMall’s success in implementing an advertising attribution model has led them to understand the importance of display advertising in their overall marketing mix.


ShoeMall looked to Criteo to:

  • Drive product recommendations for ShoeMall on shoes browsed as well as shoes never before seen by the user.
  • Provide a return on investment in line with ShoeMall’s search marketing efforts.
  • Drive maximum incremental revenue.
  • Focus on profit by enabling category-level bidding to adjust ROI goals for different types of shoes.

Criteo’s PPC display advertising solution has been a big success for ShoeMall. We’ve been impressed with Criteo’s search-like performance – they’ve hit our ROI goals, comparable to levels we’ve seen historically from search marketing. The profit Criteo helps us generate means we’ll look to increase spend with them over the next several months.

Dayne Shuda, eCommerce Marketing Manager, ShoeMall


Since the beginning of the partnership with ShoeMall in early 2011, Criteo has met or exceeded the ROI goals for the campaign in each quarter. Criteo’s strong product focus, aided by its unique product recommendation engine, helps ShoeMall drive strong incremental sales revenue by driving sales on products never seen on the ShoeMall site before by the shopper. The success of the CPC approach has enabled ShoeMall to allocate bigger CPC display campaign budgets in every quarter they’ve worked with Criteo.

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