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Vertbaudet used Criteo Dynamic Email to reach new shoppers and re-engage others, boosting their sales by 200% and lowering their CPO by 34%.

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Increase in new clients


Increase in sales volume


Cost per order


For two years, European children’s and maternity fashion retailer Vertbaudet had seen consistent results with Criteo Dynamic Retargeting. They turned to Criteo again to help them boost sales even more by attracting new shoppers and reactivating existing customers.


By implementing Criteo Dynamic Email, Vertbaudet was able to leverage Criteo’s private network of browsing data from more than 17,500 publishers worldwide, and send personalized emails filled with relevant product recommendations. They first used this capability to reach new shoppers not currently in their database, and then—delighted with the results—they used it to re-engage shoppers in their database who had not recently visited their website or made purchases.


Thanks to their newly expanded ability to reach both current and potential customers via email, Vertbaudet was able to:

  • Increase new clients by 149%
  • Triple their sales volume (a 200% increase)
  • Decrease cost per order (CPO) by 34%


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