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Sakina Najmi

Global Head of Marketing, Mid-Market

Sakina is Global Head of Marketing at Criteo. She joined Criteo in 2013 and leads global marketing for Criteo’s Mid-Market and Publisher Marketplace divisions. She has more than 13 years of advertising and marketing experience. 

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The Easter Boost - Five Top Tips for Driving Sales This Easter

Posted by Sakina Najmi

Along with spending time with family and friends, consumers now see Easter as a prime time for shopping. In 2015, US consumers spent an astonishing $16.4 billion on Easter toys and treats. What’s more, in recent years Easter shopping has moved online, with e-sales during the holidays now dwarfing those made on the high street. So, with consumers increasingly attracted to a crowded online marketplace, how can you ensure that you boost sales during the busy Easter period? Read more for five handy tips that will help you maximize sales over the Easter break.