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  • Industry: Retail
  • FragranceNet.com provides access to the largest inventory of genuine brand-name fragrances, skincare, candles, aromatherapy and more at the lowest possible prices.
  • www.fragrancenet.com

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FragranceNet.com partnered with Criteo to continually evolves and implement new solutions such as advanced optimization capabilities and enhanced support for mobile devices.


FragranceNet.com wanted to expand their marketing activities to include performance advertising, eager to increase revenue and orders while maintaining an equivalent cost of sale.


FragranceNet.com was an early adopter of Criteo’s enhanced optimization engine, enabling FragranceNet.com to move away from manually setting individual CPCs for different customer segments. In addition, Criteo’s privacy-friendly solution allowed for expanded reach in mobile browser environments and was able to better capture mobile conversions.


Within two months of implementation, this innovation doubled click and impression volumes, and resulted in 70% higher revenue and orders compared to the prior six months – all while keeping cost-of-sales on target.

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