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Performance marketing that works

We help advertisers sell even more online across industries and based on your marketing objectives. We deliver personalized performance marketing at a global scale.

Solutions for industries

One-size does not fit all. We bring the full expertise of our R&D team behind the Criteo Engine to deliver measurable performance for sectors such as travel and retail. 

This means

  • Custom segmentation that determines how likely a user is to buy using hundreds of sector-specific variables
  • Product recommendations targeted on an individual basis with live feeds
  • Dynamic ads optimized for every individual on factors known to convert sales for your industry
  • Scalable results using cost-per-click pricing optimized around your existing cost-of-sale

Solutions for marketing objectives

Criteo has pioneered digital performance marketing that increases sales from existing site visitors and those that have never visited before at scale - all within your existing cost of sales.

This means

  • Our technology engages consumers at different buying stages with personalized targeting and product recommendation strategies
  • All of our solutions are underpinned by an exceptionally large number of preferential publisher relationships
  • Easy-to-measure ROI through our cost-per-click pricing model
Solutions for industries


Criteo’s able to address the particular needs of the travel sector, including online travel agents (OTAs), airlines and hotels – and we have the results, client list and advertiser retention rate to prove it.  

For travel advertisers, this means:

  • Automated segmentation against variables including departure dates, destination and price bands
  • Real-time availability feeds for dynamic up-to-the-minute display ads
  • Extensive reach through direct publisher relationships ensuring premium inventory for travel audience
  • Ads across desktop, social, mobile, and e-mail
  • Optimized campaigns against existing cost of sales using 100% cost-per-click pricing

A client list that includes the industry’s top advertisers including:

  • Booking.com
  • Expedia
  • Secret escapes (UK)
  • Marmara (FR)
  • Nouvelles Iles (FR)
  • Odigeo (Opodo, eDreams, GoVoyages)

Criteo fact:


Retention rate across the industry’s biggest clients


Criteo dramatically increases sales for retailers by targeting individual users who are likely to buy with personalized product recommendations – all within your existing cost of sales. 

Whether your objectives include converting more active site visitors or attracting new buyers who haven’t visited before – we have a solution.

We have extensive reach across specific consumers to incrementally improve search and display campaigns. All of which offer new opportunities to advertisers to increase sales.

  • Target existing site visitors or attract new buyers
  • Clear cost-per-click pricing optimized against your existing cost of sales
  • Reach of 1.1bn internet users with personalized ads, optimized for sales – reach is 2nd in the June 2015 ComScore global rankings
  • Personalized product recommendations linked to your catalog and on-site sales patterns
  • Extended reach across Android and iOS platforms
  • High-quality ad placements in all major exchanges and premium publishers
Solutions for marketing objectives


On average 90% of sales convert within 15 days from a consumer’s first engagement with a product on your site. Rather than let these opportunities vanish, or go to a competitor, we're confident that we convert more of these customers than anyone else. And, if they don’t convert now, we can extend your campaigns to re-engage lapsed visitors within the same cost-of-sales.

  • Results that are incremental to search and traditional display campaigns
  • Individual product recommendations and dynamic ads that extend visibility of your product catalog
  • High-quality ad placements in all major exchanges and premium publishers
  • Ads across desktop, mobile, social, and e-mail
  • Ability to extend targeting to lapsed visitors with unique product recommendations for these less-engaged consumers
  • Cost-per-click pricing and transparent cost-of-sales optimization


The same powerful technology that brings customers back, can be used to acquire new customers using behavioral data and intelligent product recommendations. We use hundreds of data points, including data from your website, from publishers and anonymous data from consumers to determine which are most likely to buy.

  • Complex targeting using vastly more complex buyer-intent data than our competitors
  • Individual product recommendations directly linked from site-data
  • Cost-per-click pricing targeted to your acquisition cost-of-sales
  • High-quality dynamic ads that reflect brand guidelines and convert consumers
  • Continued re-engagement after the consumer’s first visit


Data is just information. Insight is actionable. And we combine a rich understanding of customer purchase-intent data with clear analytics which can be put to use to convert recent visitors, re-engage lapsed consumers, or win new customers.

  • Clear and transparent campaign ROI
  • Granular, segment specific cost-of-sale optimization, including by segment
  • Clear and accurate attribution data
  • Lifetime value and lifecycle marketing
  • Industry leading mobile/in-app attribution and engagement analytics

Criteo fact:


Get 30% more at your existing cost-of-sales

Why Criteo


We only measure post-click sales.


9,250+ advertisers across 86+ countries


High-quality inventory from 11,000+ publishers.

230 Tb

The Criteo Engine analyzes 230Tb of data every day.