Senior analyst Scott Denne at industry analyst firm 451 Research, did a deep dive into Criteo’s offerings in a report published on the 22nd May 2019: “Criteo Opens Up Its Advertising Platform.”  

Denne discusses the transformation of Criteo by talking through the release of new Criteo products and how the company is pivoting away from managed services into a platform for advertising on the open web. He analyses the company’s strategic pivot and provide a SWOT.

“The release of several new products that make the vendor’s technology available to advertisers in almost any format they wish to consume it plays on its strengths – an extensive repository of shopper data and the machine learning capabilities to make use of it.” – Scott Denne, 451 Research, 22/5/19

This movement toward transparency and self-service, with a wider variety of pricing strategies, is expected to allow Criteo to take a larger share of the ad dollars that flow through the open internet. Denne points to marketing services such as audience generation, shopper graph, AI engine, and supply connections and breaks down how each can address the full purchase cycle, from awareness to conversion.  He points out that 451 Research shows retailers lag behind in their digital transformation strategy and thus likely lean on software specialists like Criteo to help get them there.” with their digital transformation strategy.

Download the full report here, courtesy of Criteo. This research paper has been independently authored by 451 Research and may differ from Criteo’s official position.

451 Research: Criteo opens up its advertising platform (thumbnail)

Ludovic Leforestier

I am building Criteo's global influencer engagement programme, to combine insights from top influencers with our thought leadership on commerce marketing. I'm passionate about technology, analyst and influencer relations and means to deliver content in an attention economy. I also volunteer as a Board Member at the IIAR (Institute of Industry Analyst Relations).

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