In his Criteo Opens Up its Retail Media Platform report, published on the 22nd June, 451 Research analyst, Scott Denne, speaks to the opportunity of the still burgeoning retail media industry, and the unique space Criteo has carved out with its self-service retail media platform.

Criteo has long positioned itself as the open-web advertising alternative to the closed ecosystems of Facebook and Google. Opening up its retail media business is a necessary step in this positioning. But the move has many potential benefits besides lining up retail media with Criteo’s stated strategy. – Scott Denne, 451 Research, 22/6/20

He provides context around the development of the platform, reviews the benefits its offers to retailers and brands, and takes a look at the competitive landscape.

Key points in the report include:

  • Criteo Retail Media gives retailers a way to expand margins without raising prices, and the self-service platform gives both retailers and brands a greater level of control.
  • The platform enables Criteo to build an open ecosystem for retail media, where new sources of demand and new service providers can be added.
  • There is no platform that competes directly with Criteo’s, but Amazon’s huge scale continues to be a challenge.

Check out Criteo Retail Media for brands and retailers.

Download the full report here, courtesy of Criteo. This research paper has been independently authored by 451 Research and may differ from Criteo’s official position.

Hero image - Criteo opens up its retail media platform - Scott Denne - 451 Research

Ludovic Leforestier

I am building Criteo's global influencer engagement programme, to combine insights from top influencers with our thought leadership on commerce marketing. I'm passionate about technology, analyst and influencer relations and means to deliver content in an attention economy. I also volunteer as a Board Member at the IIAR (Institute of Industry Analyst Relations).

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