The Criteo Holiday Wrap-up Report 2017: Retailers Embraced Omnishopping and Saw Huge Sales

January 8, 2018 — 2 Minute Read

We’ve emerged from a holiday season in which Black Friday and Cyber Monday broke all sales records. But the major story is that the retail sector has truly transformed and adapted to how shoppers buy today. Purchases were made across all devices, at any time of day, and even Thanksgiving is now a huge source of sales.

Criteo works with 17,000 global brands and retailers to drive profits and sales. Our shopper data, which represents billions of product searches and millions of completed transactions on retail sites, shows that shoppers are making no distinction between channels or devices. The retailers that adapt are the ones that saw success this past holiday season.

In fact, US shoppers began their holiday shopping earlier, with the biggest growth in shopping happening in early November, when major retailers triggered sales earlier than previous years.

Thanksgiving saw the biggest cart sizes of the season and boasted the highest percentage of mobile shoppers. Mobile commerce has been growing steadily around the world, with usage reaching especially high on the weekends.We surveyed nearly 10,000 shoppers globally in 2017 to understand how the world shops today. Discover why 2017 was the year of omnishopping and learn:

  • When the holiday shopping season really started
  • How much shoppers spent and on what devices
  • What time of day they purchased
  • The breakout holiday gifts shoppers looked for this season
  • The global rise of Black Friday and which countries are seeing the strongest sales

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