How Criteo Helps Brands and Retailers Compete With Learning Models

Jonathan Opdyke, Criteo’s President of Brand Solutions, recently shed light on our business growth and how we differentiate ourselves in an intensely competitive market. In an interview with Beet.TV, he discusses how Criteo uses learning-loop capabilities, through a performance model that has the ability to learn from what sells, to help brands and retailers compete with retail giants.

“It’s one thing to just target a high-intending audience,” says Opdyke. “It’s another to be able to target that audience and actually understand which parts of it end up buying — and then use that to learn and buy the next part of the audience and know exactly how to buy in order to generate a sale.”

He cites Hasbro, whose products are sold by a number of retailers, including Toys “R” US, Kohl’s, Target, and Walmart, as an example of the complex retailer-brand relationship. In today’s commerce world, it’s complicated for the toy maker to figure exactly where and how to promote itself.

“They don’t have a single point of sale. They have many points of sale. So you have to treat that as basically one big giant ecommerce site that now Hasbro is promoting online,” Opdyke adds.

Criteo helps Hasbro and others by leveraging a learning model to drive sales based on choosing the right media. Criteo Commerce Marketing Ecosystem is designed to let retailers retailers, publishers, and brands pool their data in order to encourage shoppers to purchase products outside of walled gardens like Amazon. For the full interview, watch the video below.

“Welcome to the Vibrant Future” is a video series of thought leadership presented by Criteo. For more videos, visit this page.

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