How Webmotors Increased Conversions By 33%

Updated on March 7, 2023


Webmotors, Brazil’s biggest automotive online classified marketplace, needed to generate more leads at a low cost and increase their ad conversions in order to drive more relevant traffic to their site.


Criteo created two new campaigns for Webmotors to better target both types of users – buyers and sellers – incorporating Extended Browser Support, Facebook DPA, Newsfeed and Cross-Device. They also partnered closely, with frequent touch points to ensure continuous improvement of the most crucial metrics.


The Brazilian classified increased new leads by 44% in 2015, a 21% reduction in cost per lead. This success has prompted Webmotors to explore using Criteo Dynamic Retargeting with their regional affiliate sites like Meu Carango.

  • 33% Increase in ad conversions
  • 44% Increase in conversion volume
  • 21% Cheaper cost-per-lead

Check out the video below.

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