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At Criteo, we’re passionate about connecting more shoppers to the things they need and love. And the only way we can do that is by working with the best talent in the industry. Today we have over 2,700 smart, innovative and dedicated Criteos worldwide. And thanks to them, we’ve built an open, transparent and fair ecosystem that sees over $600 billion in annual sales and 600 terabytes of daily shopper data. We’re leveling the playing field for brands and retailers so that there is equal opportunity for all. Join us in creating a new world where everyone wins.

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Be a part of something big.

Do scale and complexity excite you? Look no further. We’re Europe’s biggest Hadoop cluster, with the largest public machine learning dataset of more than 4 billion lines.

You don’t often hear stories about employees being excited to wake up and come into work each day, but here at Criteo, that's exactly what it's like. Not only do you feel like you have a second family here, but the environment is energizing and you can feel the passion everyone has here about their role at Criteo.
— Brie Nelson,
Director Account Strategy, NYC
I started as a developer and in a little over a year I have had the opportunity to advance to the Senior level I am now. I have also had a chance to see Criteo Palo Alto grow from 15 Engineers to 50 Engineers in a small time span, and it is still growing. Criteo provides flexibility for employees to discover different opportunities within Company and move their career in the direction they are more interested in.
— Anu Srivastava,
Software Engineer R&D, Palo Alto


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