diciembre 20, 2018

Marketing en el sector moda: Cómo dominar las 3 tendencias más importantes del 2019


Shirts, shoes, shirts, pants, everything you can think of … the fashion category includes many products that take care of our appearance from head to toe. The increased competition, rapidly changing trend fashions and direct sales to the consumer are complicating the game a lot, but the opportunity presented is enormous for visionary brands that are ready to take the lead.

The Pocket Guide for marketing in the fashion sector

That is why we have created  The Pocket Guide for marketing in the fashion sector . In this quick interactive reading guide, we treat the great opportunity that is presented to us, what is happening in the fashion market as well as the main trends.

apparel marketing strategies

According to Statista , the global fashion market is estimated at $ 1.39 trillion and is projected to increase to $ 1.65 trillion by 2020.  Shopify  says that the global revenue of the ecommerce fashion sector is expected to increase 481,000 million dollars in 2018 to 713,000 million dollars in 2022. But as with almost any other retail category, there has been a major change in the fashion industry in terms of consumer behavior and expectations, especially as over the last decade.

You want to know more? Below we share with you some of the main conclusions of the guide:

1. Reconsider and review your strategy in social networks.  

Instagram , YouTube and Facebook are all key platforms for the fashion industry. If you’re not on these platforms, start building your presence ASAP. If you are, ask yourself these questions: Are you interacting with your followers in a way that makes you look real, honest and humane? Are you being transparent in relation to your products and your company? Are you creating very attractive visual content? Everything is “affordable”, so that followers can browse and buy from the social network?

apparel marketing strategies

Adding a retargeting campaign on social media is also an incredible way to create multichannel connections with buyers. When buyers leave your site, you can reach them through Facebook and Instagram with personalized ads based on previous interaction and purchase intent.

Criteo Dynamic Retargeting for Facebook and Instagram can help you achieve incredible results by offering detailed information about the entire process on a buyer’s website and their intention to purchase in real time, from mobile and in-app to desktop. Current customers using Criteo Dynamic Retargeting on Facebook and Instagram have seen an average increase of 12% in sales in all their retargeting campaigns.

The video retargeting will also be the key, since only the members of Generation Z reproduce in streaming 23 hours of video content.

2. Bet on fashion apps.

Our World Trade Review showed that, in most regions of the world, in the case of retailers with a purchase app, mobile accounts for 65% of online transactions and the share of in-app sales continues to rise. It’s no surprise, since the conversion rates in app are almost 5 times higher than those of mobile web worldwide. Based on the current trends observed in 2018, we expect the increase in the share of mobile, especially the share of transactions in apps for those retailers with app.

apparel marketing strategies

Zara’s mobile app

Es evidente que la oportunidad que ofrecen las app es enorme. Pero de acuerdo con un informe de Localytics, 1 de cada 4 personas aproximadamente abandonan las apps después de un uso. Sin una estrategia que interactúe activamente con las personas que se descargan tu app, el uso de la instalación puede disminuir rápidamente. Las apps que no logran interactuar con sus usuarios y dejan de ser utilizadas, con el tiempo, son borradas, y con ello se esfuma la oportunidad de interactuar con usuarios de gran valor.

apparel marketing strategies

Para maximizar el potencial de tu app, piensa en el retargeting a través de app tanto para volver a atraer a los usuarios inactivos, como para mantener el uso activo. Criteo App Retargeting, aprende continuamente de más de 1.400 millones de compradores al mes, atrayendo a cada usuario con anuncios móviles dinámicos de todo tu catálogo de productos así como optimizado en tiempo real por lo que se refiere a intención de compra individual y contexto de navegación.

3. Obtén los datos que necesitas para ofrecer experiencias personalizadas.

Los millennials y la Generación Z tienen muchas probabilidades de ignorar anuncios o utilizar bloqueos de anuncios por lo que cuando quieras llegar a ellos, debes apostar por la opción correcta. Esto se traduce en anuncios muy personalizados con el diseño oportuno, en el lugar oportuno, en el momento oportuno.

apparel marketing strategies

Este nivel de personalización requiere una gran cantidad de datos así como una sofisticada IA para analizar y hacer algo con dichos datos. Con Criteo Audience Match, puedes utilizar datos de tu CRM para identificar y llegar a audiencias online con anuncios dinámicos. Criteo Audience Match se nutre del Criteo Shopper Graph, el conjunto de datos de consumidores abierto más grande del mundo, para ofrecer matching rates líderes en el mercado. Todo ello alimentado por el Criteo Engine, que utiliza machine learning avanzado para analizar información relevante de más de 1.400 millones de compradores activos cada mes y de transacciones de ecommerce valoradas en más de 615.000 millones de dólares al año.

If the clothes say a lot about the person, the data says a lot about the marketing plan.

Clothing brands that want to be fashionable will use their data to differentiate themselves. Using a good data source and the right tools, it is possible to offer each buyer a personalized omni-channel experience . And as with clothes, there is nothing that feels better than a garment made to your needs. The buyers of today and of the future have many expectations; Personalization will be the key to satisfying and overcoming them.

If you want more information, download our Pocket Guide to marketing in the fashion industry today!

apparel marketing strategies