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Know how and when to budget for Ramadan in 2017.

This year, Ramadan is happening almost two weeks earlier than last year — starting around 26 May — followed by Eid al-Fitr from 25 to 27 June. So plan to strategize your retargeting budgets accordingly.

Insights from 2016 show that retail revenue peaks during Ramadan, but sales and website traffic start perking up as early as two weeks before. For travel bookings, peaks occur in the last week of Ramadan and after Eid al-Fitr celebrations, but purchases and site traffic start rising as early as week two.*

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Month of Ramadan

Take Away Tips

Retailers can grab early-bird sales by drawing traffic to their websites two to three weeks ahead of Ramadan. Travel advertisers should ramp up marketing efforts throughout the month to convert more travel seekers near Ramadan’s end and the weeks after.

*Based on Criteo’s analysis of a pre-Ramadan period (April 2016)

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